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Dive into Sri Gurukulam's robust academic offerings, emphasizing our dedication to excellence in STEM education. Explore our innovative programs designed to cultivate critical thinking, problem-solving, and technological literacy, empowering students for success in the modern world.

Social Studies

Explore the rich tapestry of human history and society with Sri Gurukulam's Social Science curriculum. Our engaging lessons delve into diverse cultures, global issues, and historical events, fostering critical thinking and empathy in students as they navigate the complexities of the world around them

sri gurukulam student in class


Dive into the fascinating world of Science at Sri Gurukulam. Our dynamic curriculum inspires curiosity and innovation as students explore the wonders of biology, chemistry, physics, and environmental science. Hands-on experiments and inquiry-based learning ignite a passion for discovery, preparing students for success in STEM fields and beyond.

Sri Gurukulam Student in Science class
math class calculator and books


Unlock the power of numbers and logic with Sri Gurukulam's Mathematics program. From foundational concepts to advanced problem-solving, our curriculum cultivates mathematical proficiency and critical thinking skills. Through hands-on activities and real-world applications, students develop a deep understanding of mathematical concepts, preparing them for academic success and future endeavors.

wall art at sri gurukulam


Dive into the world of agriculture with Sri Gurukulam's innovative curriculum, recognized by CBSE for excellence in agricultural education. Our program goes beyond the classroom, offering hands-on experiences in sustainable farming practices, environmental stewardship, and food security. Through experiential learning and community engagement, students develop a deep appreciation for agriculture and its vital role in society.


Unleash creativity with Sri Gurukulam's vibrant Art program. From painting to sculpture, our curriculum celebrates self-expression and artistic exploration. Guided by experienced instructors, students develop their talents, discover new mediums, and showcase their unique perspectives. Join us in nurturing creativity and fostering a lifelong passion for the arts.

girl in pottery class in sri gurukulam


Elevate athleticism and teamwork with Sri Gurukulam's Sports program. Our comprehensive curriculum covers a range of sports, from football to basketball, nurturing physical fitness and sportsmanship. With experienced coaches and state-of-the-art facilities, students hone their skills, build resilience, and forge lifelong bonds. Join us in embracing the thrill of competition and the joy of athletic achievement.

student roller skating in sri gurukulam
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