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( ages 6-12)

We identified a crucial problem faced by students after breaking from Montessori method of learning to regular rote learning, Introducing the Cosmic program for the first time in Hosur , where Montessori students are given the same Montessori method learning through elementary to totally fulfil the values Maria Montessori.

Developmental goals in Sri gurukulam


What Elementary Montessori Offers


Our faculty at Sri Gurukulam Montessori are trained educators from the esteemed Indian Montessori Centre, bringing expertise, passion, and a deep understanding of the Montessori philosophy to our classrooms. With a focus on nurturing each child's unique potential, our teachers create dynamic learning environments where curiosity thrives, independence is cultivated, and a love for learning blossoms. Committed to ongoing professional development and fostering meaningful connections with students and families, our faculty ensures that every child receives the highest quality education grounded in Montessori excellence.

Periasamy Namasivayam ,Parent

"Sri Gurukulam-School of innovative. Located in very good atmosphere. Encouraging the students to participate any of the extra curriculum activities. Well trained teachers & good infrastructure facilities. Proud to be part of Gurukulam family."

Mano Haran, Parent

"My Daughter is learning super,and Our Teachers all are Teaching Good. Thankyou Sri Gurukulam school and Teachers..."

Udhaya Priya, Parent

“A nice school giving great atmosphere of giving a Gurukul feel to students. Immensely pleasure the way teachers give attention to the students with varieties of extra curricular activities. Thank you school management for the efforts.”


Enrol your child today for the truly liberating education program to give your child the best possible shot at development 


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